A Warm Welcome to Our First Pebble & Leaf Home Blog!

pebble & leaf blog 1 welcome banner www.pebbleandleaf.co.ukA Warm Welcome to Your Pebble & Leaf Home Style Blog!

This certainly is a milestone to remember as I write my first ever blog, I am delighted for you to join me as I take you through the journey of our newest venture with Pebble & Leaf - The Interior Design Style Blog.
If we haven't been formally introduced over on the "About" tab, which features a cheeky little write up piccie of me, well then hello, welcome aboard, I am Kate and I am very pleased to meet you!
My life and career has been a great journey thus far and I am thrilled to share a glimpse of my background along with this new, exciting blog with you. So, how did we arrive here and what is Pebble & Leaf all about I hear you ask?!
Well, this particular journey began when I became a qualified professional interior designer and upholsterer some 15 years ago. My passion for fabrics and upholstery led me to design and creating the original "Room in A Box" concept whereby my clients could purchase a complete coordinated room in a box set (the box being a beautiful handmade ottoman or storage footstall) complete with curtain tie backs, cushion covers, lampshades and accessories, which would take a bland room and instantly turn it around. Clients and I would chose the fabrics and I would make these to order in keeping with the rest of the home, which resulted in wonderful, cost and time effective room transformations.
From interior design, I discovered a passion for bathroom design (I have a huge thing for taps!!) and built a successful design, supply and fit business not only in bathroom design I ran a complete plumbing and heating company for some 12 years.
Then came the unfortunate and cruel blow of the battle of my life with cancer and chemotherapy, Boooooo! Here I learnt a lot of tough life lessons and upon recovery, (yes I am a cancer warrior and a very blessed and grateful survivor Hip Hip Hooraaaay!)
I made a lot of life changes and decided I no longer wanted the stress and strain of the business and life I had before and rather wished to just be Mum for a while to my daughter (now 19!) while recovering peacefully back to good health (none of which would have been possible without a lot of help from my friends, family, meditation and the discovery of magical healing Qi Gong, more about that later!)
Now right as rein and no longer under the oncologist, loving being blessed to be alive, it was a case of what ever will Kate do next?!
And there it was, right in front of my eyes in the beautiful Suffolk countryside - a big pile of fly tipped furniture and wood being dumped on a regular basis, to my great horror!! Now, being a natural designer and creative I would look at these unwanted items and on my country walks with my big furry friend Dizzy dog, I saw that something good could come from these items rather than them go to waste, so I took them home and that is just what I did next!
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I turned my summer house into a workshop and commenced working with old wood, furniture, pallets and alike and, with a lot of help and guidance from google, blogs and my wonderful and wise Dad, I found a new passion for all things old and unwanted along with learning a lot about the cause and effect that such unwanted items has on our local and global environment (which we will chat about along the way with this blog!)
I was stumped as to what to call this new and exciting venture, but I just knew it would come to me at some point, et voila! There it was, right under my favourite Oak tree, a shiny pebble and a lovely Oak leaf, and so the Pebble & Leaf brand was naturally born (and of course made into a heated branding iron and we stamped everything in sight!)
We have so many wonderful transformations and stories to share with you from the progression of Pebble & Leaf along the way, I can't wait to get it all on here for you!!
Proud as punch to to have had orders for our bespoke items made entirely from reclaimed - all stamped with our Pebble & Leaf designer branding and mark of quality assurance - from Scotland to Portsmouth, Guernsey to New York City, from Restaurants to Shops, our handcrafted and lovingly reclaimed, branded items grace the homes and commercial spaces of our local Suffolk community too, to be cherished for years to come, now isn't that something wonderful!
Oh and not forgetting my absolute favourite - Weddings, the pride and joy of being part of making someones special day - from rustic wooden table center boxes for flowers, to wishing wells and beyond - the love and thanks we receive from not just the happy brides, but every single one of our customers always touches my heart.
And now......drum roll please.....we have "branched out" to bring you an online shopping experience while with vast interior expertise and our finger always on the pulse as to what is coming next in the interior style stakes, we combine all of the above with my love for researching, interior design, creativity and writing into this blog to bring you all the latest interior style news, where to get the looks aaaaaaannnndd we have a super fabulous Pebble & Leaf Home web store too, where we scour the globe to seek out the hottest trending interior home and gift items of each season and collate them into the seasons most stylish collections for you to purchase in the knowledge you are in safe hands over at www.pebbleandleaf.co.uk so be sure to check us out there too for more about what we do.
I look forward to getting to know you all soon, please leave comments, opinions, lets chat and do subscribe to be first to read all the blog posts and get those all important discounts and deals!

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