Interior Home Style Summary 2018-2019

We have been truly spoilt throughout the long sizzling Summer of 2018 with glorious sunshine and in the style stakes flamboyant flamingo's stood out against tropical prints and the pineapple became iconic! Palm leaves, cacti, copper and marble cooled the palette amidst peony pinks, dreamy greys and whimsical whites.

Pink grey themed gallery wall collection click here or on the pic!

While this dreamy muted pink, white, grey and copper style, Nordic - Scandi influenced palette was said to be fading out as we move into the winter season and 2019, (predicted to be developing into more coral and brighter colours for the spring), it is actually still ever popular and the flamingo, pineapple, beautiful, inspirational Peonies, memes and art wall gallery styles are still on trend and going nowhere! 

The superb quality art pieces featured are stunning in colour and detail due to their being HD printed on high quality canvas. They are amazingly wipe able, fade and water resistant so they will last for years to come and while they look like paper prints they do not actually require glass to protect them - clever stuff!

View more iconic fashion canvas pieces here or click the pic!

Modern Monochrome wall art Kate moss statement wall best price cheapest art U.K. Seller blog

Sophisticated velvet in deep pigmented greens and blues charged on through taking center stage this season alongside bold wallpapers featuring tropics, botanicals and bird patterns. We saw colour pops of mustard yellow meet monochrome and make friends with pinks in cushions, furniture and wall art while the Midas touch mixed brass, gold and rose gold accent pieces to light up our lives.

Best price uk modern 2019 velvet chair, 2019 mustard yellow velvet sofa best price uk, teal blue velvet chair foot stall bar stall best price uk

Shop the Velvet Tropics Collection Here

We reveled in the comeback of all things retro, mid century modern, reclaimed and renovated, alongside globally influenced geometric patterns. The summer sun gleamed over a revival of vintage signs, mixed with a distinct Scandi style both indoors and out - even Dads BBQ got the retro funky sign treatment!  

midcentury modern style palm leaf monochrome black and white art best price cheapest uk seller


Shop these and other Vintage signs here or click the pic!

Retro metal sign retro metal sign vintage metal sign retro style best price cheapest UK seller

Reclaimed and rustic ruled supreme in all things garden, dining, weddings and bars and kept Pebble & Leaf fantastically busy designing and creating our own bespoke pieces for homes, restaurants, bars, corporate and weddings throughout the UK and across the globe.

scaffold Board table. Made to order rustic pallet wood Planters refurbish bar chairs best at

Scaffold Board Table, Reclaimed Chairs and Pallet Wood Planter Made to Order by Pebble & Leaf

Yes, Pebble & Leaf not only give expert interior design advice, have our web store we lovingly refurbish and make to order using only reclaimed wood and unwanted furniture destined for our overfill landfill sites too! Each bespoke piece proudly branded with our unique Pebble & Leaf trusted mark of excellence logo.

                 Pebble & Leaf UK making from reclaimed to order Suffolk refurbish 

Our made to order items are all professionally designed and handcrafted entirely from pallets and reclaimed materials, destined for our already overfill landfill sites. We sure saved a tree or two last summer by helping slow down deforestation, creating our bespoke items - from bath trays to beautiful flowers boxes, cheese boards to chairs and tables - all of our clients wishes became a happy reality with Pebble & Leafs design and build skills.

best barn style rustic wedding display boxes country flower displays barnstyle table

 Rustic wedding table centers centres uk best flower display boxes at pebble & leaf pallet Planters

 Bespoke made to order any size bath tray rustic reclaimed wood bath Cody bath tray uk best pebble & leaf

Reclaimed wood bath trays made to order UK pebble & leaf best bath caddies

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