Autumn Winter Season 2018 Interior Trends

As the cold, dark nights start to draw in, we prepare ourselves to nest and declutter. Clearing our summer items and introducing new storage solutions in preparation to cosy up and welcome our festive guests, gifts and goodies in perfect clutter free style!

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So the Summer draws to an end, along with the seasons interior style trends - usually! However, we are over the moon happy to report that this Autumn Winter season 2018 - 2019 is very sympathetic with the changeover. Hooray! We have scoured all of the top interior style reports and put together just for you a collection of the top 4 trends, just as we shall keep our finger on the pulse for all upcoming style trends and keep you totally up to date.

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Image Courtesy of Marzena.Marideko

This seasons Summer style change over takes us on a new journey as Scandi Style morphs gently from the clean lines, neutral simplicity, minimalism and Scandinavian functionality that emerged in the early 20th century, developing now into New Nordic, a more globally influenced  warmer, cosy new look.  

So the journey began as Scandi style gently moved into ‘Hygge’ (which you may wish to know is pronounced ‘hoo-guh' ) the Danish word for cosiness, and was all about just that with pre-loved and gently worn in furniture, pastel pinks, grey and white with beige and soft light woods.  New Nordic utterly embraces the concept of Hygge and is said to be the new cosy style for those who appreciate the little things in life - bring on the rattan plant pots, minamalist, monochrome artwork and gold accessories shopping!

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Image Courtesy of Bask Interiors

Black makes an unexpected come back to mix things up this season along with earthenware, buff leather, sheepskin, blankets and throws of mixed designs and global nomadic influences. 

                     new nordic nomadic style UK seller geometric rugs throws cushions

Image Courtesy Kaisa Kartela

Moving to New Nordic style from Scandi or Hygge is quite simple, and involves layering textures, introducing global Nomadic and Bohemian influences. Soft Ash - light toned woods and grown up pastel colours are key with the New Nordic look, subtle hints of gold contrast beautifully with the introduction of pops of bold colour from Ikat, Moroccan, Scandi and Geometric textiles, tassels and pom poms. New Nordic creates the perfect look for children's rooms too!

We see pigmented blues and greens contrast against a muted palette of pastel shades of matte pink, Icelandic blue, white, lavender, and soft sage green accessories and furniture.

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Image Courtesy of Pinterest

                     new nordic nomadic_room_black_chunky_knit_plaid_wool_blanket_pebble_&_leaf_best_price_UK

Scented candles feature this festive season, soft, cosy  lighting and of course what fun can be had with a Nordic Pine Christmas tree, twinkle lights and Christmas decorations in this style! 

new nordic nomadic_room_black_chunky_knit_plaid_wool_blanket_pebble_&_leaf_best_price_UK

This seasons most popular, must have New Nordic accessories for the home or to gift?! The chunky knit warm and cosy blanket (click for 40% Off RRP) as featured teamed with the iconic New Nordic Circle Candle Holder in Gold or Black, team with with statement wall art pieces featuring monochrome, nature scenes, memes and perfect pastels.

Shop the New Nordic Collection here and please, upload your pictures and ask for any advice, enjoy!

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